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Infant Car Seat Covers

Infant Car Seat Covers by Baby Bella Maya

Baby Bella Maya Uncovers A Dirty Little Secret About Car Seats…

We did some digging and discovered that – surprise – moms are frustrated with the burden of keeping their car seats clean. Moms mentioned it was virtually impossible to keep a car seat in ideal condition.

Let’s be real, children have accidents of every kind: food, drinks, etc., we could go on and on. We’re talking unexpected and unavoidable messes.

The process of cleaning it up can be as frustrating. Mom gets to undo the straps and more straps to detach the car seat, and eventually undo even more straps and attachments to get the cover off. Then mom gets a nice weightlifting session in, lugging the roughly 20lb car seat around. Finally, a Test of Sanity. You know that endless chore called laundry? Add washing the manufacturer’s cover to your list.
It’s a hassle putting the cover on, and then properly re-installing the car seat back in their car with another mini-workout. Many moms agreed they simply must have an infant car seat cover over the factory cover, to take the stress out of their children’s accidents.

Baby Bella Maya infant car seat covers are designed with moms in mind, and solve all the above problems, with both form and function.

  • Easy removal and seat belt strap access thanks to snaps – No need to feed the straps through those tiny openings or risk improperly re-applying them each time; just un-snap, pull the straps through, and snap around them
  • Machine washable – Easy to clean! And only 5 minutes to re-install
  • Fits Graco Snugride and Peg Perego – And any similar infant car seat
  • Protects the factory cover
  • Sophisticated damasks to fun animal prints – Easily change the look of your car seat from boy to girl!